Some PSD files don't import


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  • Shane Baker

    Perhaps your problem lies with Procreate?

    Also, from the C1 support pages:

    TIF/JPG/PSD/PNG files that are not in RGB color space cannot be adjusted or imported within Capture One.

    Layered Tiff: Capture One 9.1 onward can support Tiff files with alpha channel or layers saved in the file (from other apps like Adobe Photoshop) but for viewing purposes only. Reprocessing the image will result in a new flattened image.

    PSD: Capture 10.1 onward can support PSD files in the viewer. The PSD can contain any adjustments, layers, text or smart objects but must be saved in Photoshop with “maximize compatibility” enabled. Reprocessing the image from Capture One will result in a new flattened image.

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