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  • Ian Wilson

    That depends...

    Look for this setting in the Image section of Preferences.

    If you change the drop-down to Load, and have the box checked for Prefer Sidecar XMP... I think it will overwrite the metadata in the Capture One database with the metadata in the XMP sidecar file. So then if the XMP file was lost, the metadata would be in the database anyway. But with the setting I have here with None in the drop-down, it won't copy metadata from the XMP.

    But I don't use XMP files now, so check whether I am right. There is an article in the online resources here 

    that would repay study, and you could experiment with a file or two that has an XMP sidecar file, and see what happens.


    Edited to add: by the way, I think that Full Sync can be a bad option, because it uses a lot of resources checking all the time, and because you can, if you are not careful, get into a frustrating spiral where you change something in Capture One (a star rating for example) and it changes itself back again because it syncs again with what an XMP file says.

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  • Jeremy Henderson

    Thanks - I'll give that document a thorough read and do some experiments !!

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  • OddS.

    > Jeremy Henderson: I'll give that document a thorough read and do some experiments !!

    C1 will save ("sync" in C1 lingo)  metadata to a new sidecar xmp, but that new xmp file will not get more metadata information than what C1 actually has in its database.

    As far as I have noticed, C1 does not load all Photo Mechanic's metadata (embedded or in sidecar), thus I believe you will suffer loss of metadata in a PM perspective. If C1's take on metadata is all you need, you should be able to replace lost xmp files and be happy.


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