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  • Ian Wilson

    I imagine that it depends on the camera model, how good the generic profile is, and who knows what else. I have just been trying a comparison. I don't do portrait work, but I do shoot a lot of bird photographs. Here are two examples (shot with a Nikon D500) with the Pro Standard on the left in each case, and the Generic profile on the right. 

    There certainly seems to be quite a difference in the red-orange tones. In the top image (the robin) I think the orangey-red colour of the bird's front is more true to life in the version on the left (Pro Standard). In the lower photo (blue tit) there is a less noticeable difference in the blue-green-yellow tones on the bird, although all the colours are somewhat more intense. The settings in both pairs of images are the same apart from the ICC profile. In reality, if I had been using the Generic profile, I might have adjusted saturation to a different extent than I did with the Pro Standard one. (Whether on a Canon camera, or your particular model of Canon camera, the reds would have been affected as much, or in the same way, as on my D500 I cannot say.)

    Did you see this video with a discussion between David Grover and Niels Knudsen about what the Pro Standard profiles aim to do? (Niels is one of the developers of the profiles.) It's very informative, and in particular explains why some colours might look different - they try to counteract the tendency for saturation to look different as tonal values change. Worth half an hour of your time if you are interested.


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  • Danyel Mullins

    The ProStandard profiles are available starting from Capture One 21 (14.0.0) and product photography of objects with saturated or very bright colors. tellpopeyes I struggled for awhile with the "Generic" profiles where color was very.

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  • Alain POTIGNON

    hello, the real concern is about skin...

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