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  • SFA


    I have no idea if you are right to complain but I would observe two things.

    Firstly this is a mainly User to User forum for Capture One users, very few of them likely to be also Phase One camera  users.  So "complaining" here may be somewhat pointless, even if it feels satisfying at the time.


    Secondly, as a Phase One camera user you really need to be talking to the Phase One Management (possibly via their forum, although in the old days that too was predominantly a User to User forum so my comments above may also apply there.)

    It may now be an official Support Forum - I have no idea but suggest you try to find out.

    Realistically, as a Phase One camera user and therefore a member of an elite corps of customers , you probably have some direct route to make your feelings known to the Phase One management - a different group to the Capture One management (or so it seems) now that the two operations have, reportedly, been split in terms of responsibilities and identity. 

    I hope this helps you in some way.

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  • Merrill Billie

    Since the introduction of IQ4 two years ago, we have not had access to iOS mobile control of the digital back as we did with Capture Pilot on IQ2 and IQ3 series units. Capture Pilot works as a wonderful, wireless extension of the IQ2 & IQ3 series screens, solidly working from a ~12′ radius around the camera wirelessly.

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  • Javon Fadel

    Pilot IQ4 directly from Capture One. In this video we will look at using Capture Pilot to review images directly from Capture One on a photography set.



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