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    This is primarily a User to User forum.

    To obtain a formal response from Capture One you need to create a Support Case using the "Submit a request" function that can be found on most of the Community pages either in the top line of the page (In the Forum) or at the end of an FAQ article.

    Support for the Sony RX100 V7  was introduced at C1 Version 12.1.4 according to the list of Supported cameras.

    You can find information about the Operating System version required to run V12.1.x in the Release Notes summary here.

    You might also consider checking the Release notes information for V20 to ascertain whether your system can run the last version of that release.

    Whichever latest release is an option for you you can try downloading it from the Download link on the web site and install it then activate with the activation key provided for the latest version.

    It's not something I have ever needed to do but as far as I understand things it should work based on the policy of the latest key being used to active older versions if required. I'm not sure whether your account order history is used to determine whether or not only previously purchased versions are available to you but I would hope not. If there is such a constraint then you would have to discuss that with the Capture One team using the "Submit a request" link.

    I hope this helps.


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  • Gordon Bain

    Thanks, yes it did help and FYI the activation key did work with the earlier version (v 12)

    Thank you for getting back to me.

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