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export in 14.3



  • Simon Edmunds

    No problem with the export dialogue as an addtional option but please can we have restored

    1. The export images tools as user options on the standard tools.
    2. The single button icon on the toolbar restored as an option.
    3. The queue list so we can see progress
    4. Stop button to pause the processing

    This slows the workflow for me and probably others

    Many thanks

  • Debra Pook

    Changing the export option was a horrible idea. Completely slows down workflow.

  • Peter Bajer
    Old export variant faster and more efficient. Professional would be to have the choice. New integrates over time.
  • Peter Bajer

    The omission makes me really angry, just the individual was always the strength of this program.

  • Tom tomcarroll77


    My hair is on fire. And here’s why. The “new improved exporter” in Capture One 21 ( running on macOS 11.5) has rendered Capture One Pro 21 unusable for me. And here’s why. I typically take a number of photographs, renumber the photos in the order that they were taken, edit the photos, create a Smart Album that contains a subset of images that I want to publish manually ordered in the order that I want to publish said photographs --- not the file name order in which they were taken. For years I have been successfully appending a sequential counter to the front of the image file name to preserve the order of the Smart Album. No problem ---- until now. See attached Image_1 that contains the manual order of the images in the Smart Album and the order that I want to publish the images. See attached Image_2 that contains the order of the images in the “new improved exporter” ----- the images are ordered by file name, not the order of the Smart Album. See attached Image_3 that gives the file names of the exported images ---- they are not in the order of the images in the Smart Album --- i.e., Image_1. Can you see my problem?

    Capture One is now useless for me to process, edit, and export images in anything other than the file name order. This “new improved exporter” is a GIANT step backwards. Can you please revert to the previous exporter ---- it was just fine --- and it worked. The current exporter does not work.

    Tom Carroll


  • BeO


    This is a user to user forum,  please "submit a request" to C1.

    Additional possibilities to count the users who are unsatisfied is to vote here:




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