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Capture one 22 pro versus capture one 22



  • gb

    Capture One Pro is the single user fully featured version that I guess most of us are using.

    There are educational, multi user and enterprise versions that drop the "Pro" in the name for some reason. AFAIK these are basically the Pro version at a discount price, for more than one user or with automation features added respectively.

    An exception is the free Capture One Express version which has a lot of the usual tools disabled.

    If you see "Capture One 22" it is probably being used as an umbrella term to cover all
    C1 22 versions.

  • SFA

    A few things are in the process of changing to simplify the number of products that appear to be available.

    This recent article may help to some extent. 

    gb 's comment explains the clarification of how things will be in the future compared to any information you may find on the internet dated prior to mid January 2022  that discusses the options available. 


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