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Change curve in Base characteristics panel


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  • Propheticus

    The curve is something you set per photo. By default it uses the curve (auto) that you had set in camera while taking the photo (Film simulation setting: Provia, Velvia, Acros, etc. ). 
    You can select multiple photos (e.g. use ctrl+click) and then apply a change in curve. It does not immediately apply this change to all selected pictures, even when "edit selected" is enabled (for some reason this only works for auto adjustments), so you then need to shift-click the copy to adjustment clipboard iconto copy&paste the setting to all selected images.
    Alternatively, you can select 1 picture, make the desired change(s), copy to the adjustment clipboard, now select multiple other images you want to do the same to and then press "apply" from the adjustments clipboard which can be found in the Adjustments tool tab .

    Using the triple dot menu (...) you can also save the current config as the new default for a certain camera "Save as Defaults for <camera brand / model>"


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