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Cannot import Sony HEIF files



  • Duane Huff

    I have discovered a work around, though it is a bit slow. I open the Sony .HIF files in macOS Preview app. I then export the files as .HEIC files (either 8 or 10 bit). This can be done as a batch for all the files open in Preview. The resultant .HEIC’s can then be imported and processed in Capture One

  • Jeff Elliott

    Glad to find that I am not the only one who is experiencing this issue. New Studio Mac & Sony A7iv user - also new to Capture One (day 3 of 30-day trial). I love the asset management aspects, which was my primary reason for investigating C1. Trying to use Apple's Image Capture for selection and tagging anything more than a handful of images is just cumbersome. In the brief time I've spent with C1, I also can see some awesome possibilities for image editing. The smaller file sizes that the HIF (HEIF) format provides are so compelling, especially if you shoot high volumes of action shots. So yeah, I would LOVE to see Capture One add the ability to import them natively. 

    In the meantime, I'll look into Duane Huff's workaround. It does kind of feel like what I was dealing with previously, though.

  • Duane Huff

    A couple of additional discoveries:

    The workaround I outlined above only seems to work in Big Sur (macOS operating system) and not in Monterey (the newer version).

    Also, and unrelated to Capture One, I can import the converted HEIC files directly into a Mac Photos app, but the app will not populate the Photo Stream, meaning one cannot share the pictures with others that use the same Apple ID.  This is bit of a dealbreaker right now, but I agree the HEIC methodology holds a lot of promise for high volume, high quality, but small file size applications.

  • Jeff Elliott

    Yeah, I’m on the latest Monterey and have no issue bringing them into and editing them in the Photos app. I had not tried sharing them in Photo Stream, however, as I do not have anyone else on my AppleID. I do have some shared albums (not AppleID dependent), so I’ll try adding one of them to one of those albums as a test. 

    BTW - I have formally filed a ‘New Feature Request’ in the Capture One Support/Community area, just to get it out there. If enough people do so, that might prompt them to elevate the priority of implementation.

  • marcus low

    I need support for HIF in my Sony A7SIII , please escalate this. Capture One should be about supporting these other new formats that provides best quality/size. 

  • Viego LIN

    [for Win & Sony HIFE]

    Hey my friend, 
    If you use Microsoft systems like me, please refer to the following methods


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