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Smart Sync



  • SFA


    Given that the original files mostly consist of the data that is needed for full editing capability I'm not sure how things could work without being downloaded - at least to start with.

    If using a Catalog, after import when a Preview file has been created, it is possible to make some edits for a file that is off-line. That might be a solution for you? However it is based on being able to successfully apply the edits to the Preview file and obtain a complete result for the user based only on the Preview data.

    Any complex work that requires the raw or original file will not be possible,

    Whether that gets anywhere near providing you with a solution I have no idea but it's about all I can think of. 

  • Patrick Kilkenny


    Thanks for taking the time to help explain that and I feel you are correct in that while this workflow is possible and yet not optimal in the long run. I will scrap the Dropbox editing idea and continue with local files on the hard drive.



  • Alexander von Grafenstein

    Isn't the intended solution to have the raw files on an external NAS? I thought, that C1 needs to read them just ocassionally so that performance is acceptable as long as the catalog file and previews are on a fast disk (SSD) locally.

    That is just from reading, I never tried that myself, as my catalog is not that large.

  • SFA


    I work with Sessions on a NAS. Sometimes.

    The NAS is connected via WiFi with a cable from the NAS to a WiFi range extender. For a session with 2 or 3 thousand images it is usable so long as the WiFi connection itself is not challenged in some way. It is nowhere near as fast as a local drive would be but much depends on what one expects or can live with.

    For occasional use with an Archived session it is fine.  The main challenge seems to be that the NAS drives can sometimes head into a hibernated state from which an access request will not immediately wake them.

    I suspect a well set up and managed NAS based on quality cabling would do better. However, I would still consider local file access to be the way to go during selection and first edits. Especially if the Primary Catalog that will need to receive the files is very large. Better, IMO, to work with a smaller catalog or a session and then add the results to a Master catalog later if required.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


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