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Probleme mit der Synchronisation der XMP-Dateien # Problems with the synchronization of the XMP files


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  • April Kristiansen


    Despite import presetting "Include existing adjustments".

    When you choose this option in the import dialog, you'll import Capture One adjustments not XMP data applied in applications such as Photo Mechanic. 

    In Photo Mechanic you have to set the Preferences > General, to match the color tagging of Capture One. You do that by clicking on the lightning bolt icon.
    Back in Capture One you select all your thumbnails in the browser > right click > Load Metadata. 
    This will load the metadata from the XMP file to all selected thumbnails.
    If you wish the other way around, to write the metadata values from Capture One to the XMP file you choose 'Sync Metadata'.


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