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HDR Monitor Support and Raw to HDR HEIF



  • Doug Mytty

    You can find HDR processing support in Adobe as of December 14, 2022.

    Capture One is not even in the HDR picture frame

  • Cajer Gong

    I guess it's time to switch to Adobe as C1 doesn't seem to have any desire to implement HDR processing.  But all of my stuff is in C1...

  • Phil

    After 2 years still nothing. Adobe has it implemented for a long time and even smaller developers like Photomator now fully support HDR processing and output. 

    I loved the capabilities of Capture One but since Capture one does not even have it on the roadmap as of late 2023 I am glad that I purchased and alternative to C1. Thought about upgrading from my older version but there is no point. HDR simply is a big part of the future of photography and since I do not print I am not willing to sacrifice it.

  • Walter Rowe
    Top Commenter

    According to this press release Capture One is working on HDR monitor support to improve color accuracy for online e-commerce as a means to reduce product returns for products received not looking like the products seen online.

  • Raymond Harrison

    Looks to be some very interesting capabilities under development/research. Thanks Walter Rowe!


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