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Opening Multiple Images as Layers In Photoshop

Not currently planned



  • SFA

    If it is to save space are we to assume that some data must be discarded?

    If so, which data?

  • Russell Kilgore

    Each image edited with PS creates a psd file that when combining images into a single file as layers become unnecessary and take up valuable disk space. Over a period of time, can become a nice chunk of space that’s wasted on pointless files.

    Also, having such a feature will save time and help keep the session tidy.

  • Class A

    The feature to allow multiple images to be opened as layers in Photoshop has been requested before

    I support this request but note that there won't be any saving of disk space. Automating the opening of several files as layers does not change the disk space requirements. 

  • Russell Kilgore

    I get that but it would prevent the creation of unnecessary psd files that currently are created when using the dialog to move between CO1 and PS which saves disk space. 

  • Class A

    Just import the images into PS as layers without converting them with C1 first.

  • Brian Satoer

    Yes this really is a big miss :( When doing a shoot I sometimes light subjects from different angles. I used to color correct in Lightroom first and then just open all the photos as layers in PS. In PS I would edit and when closing the photo it would import back into LR. 

    It seems such a small thing but it saves so much time.

    The workaround I found is to select the photos in C1. Choose Edit with Photoshop. PS will open with all photos in separate windows. Then go to File -> Scripts -> Load Files Into Stack.

     The click the option Add Open Files.

    PS will now make a new document with all the photos in layers.

    If you want to have your edit automatically imported back to C1 then you will have to copy the result into the first open photo and close that one.

    It gets the job done but it really is just so much more work.

    I don't understand why they can't just implement an Open as Layers in PS feature.

  • BDOH

    Open as Layers in Photoshop feature would be a life saver.  One of my biggest gripes 

  • Danny Batista

    Years have gone by and this is still not implemented and I think it's because automotive, and real estate photographers continue to stick with Lightroom because of the simplicity of stacking their layers. Industries where multiple exposures are necessary of the same locked-off scene NEED THIS.

    If I can reiterate: One psd/tiff should be created in the catalog when selecting multiple images to stack in PS as layers, not creating a PSD from each variant, like it currently does. I also don't want to export each image as a jpg in PS and then run a script in PS and then go back into C1 and delete all the unnecessary jpgs and then reimport a psd that isn't automatically in the catalog (which I've been doing for YEARS.)

    When you have multiple variants/images selected and you right click any image in that selection and you 'edit as layers in PS', Capture One should create one PSD/Tiff from the primary/active variant in the Catalog, and then open all the other images in photoshop as well, WITHOUT creating a jpg OR psd variant for EACH image in the catalog. It should then load those files into that one PSD in Photoshop automatically.

    I've created video walkthroughs of the issue. I've shown the best practices in those videos. I've handed those videos off to C1 developers. I've been told managers have looked at those screen recordings and wondered why they hadn't seen those videos before, and still no one has made it a priority. Upvote this topic.

  • Edmund Dabney


  • Class A

    @Edmund Dabney

    One gets the impression that Capture One is not interested in increasing productivity for existing customers.

    Instead, Capture One is looking to get more customers (by adding features such as panorama stitching) and/or selling new subscriptions to existing customers (e.g. by creating features such as C1 Live or additions like C1 on iPhones, that require subscriptions).

    In other words, business is the priority, not utility of the product. There are so many examples of quick tweaks that would make a big difference to existing customers which have been neglected for years that I find it difficult to come to a different conclusion.

  • Edmund Dabney

    @class A

    I was actually going to reference the iPhone app for the same reasons. No profession in their right mind is going to shot and send, edit and send an image from their phone. I’d far prefer “open as layer” layers as an added feature above an iPhone app.


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