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Possible feature request, possible problem



  • Mike Smith

    I'm not associated with C1, just another user trying to offer some help. I don't know of any way to pause the captures from appearing on the iPad other than maybe stopping the CaptureOne server until you're ready to have the images loading up again, then you could start the server again. Not the smoothest workaround but maybe worth a try? 

    Seems like a good feature to add though to a future update!

  • Dave Hutchinson

    Thanks Mike. For the time being I'm not using the iPad. I'm shooting a batch and then getting the client to take look on my Mac. Not ideal but could be because my iPad is so old as well.

  • Lucas Sanders

    I would suggest creating a dummy folder/collection and select that as the target for Capture Pilot Server. That way no images will appear automatically, and when you are ready to review just switch to the appropriate folder from C1 in the capture pilot pop up. This will avoid having to reconnect or restart the server. 

    Another option would be create a smart collection for only 1-star or better selects and use that as the target. After a burst of images, give those all 1 star and they should populate. Hopefully. 


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