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C122 export issues to Photoshop 22, exported as jpg but photoshop treats it as raw file



  • malkens malkens

    Same to me. Sometimes it works ok sometimes not. It was on i7 and on m1. C1 has a bug for a long time, and sits quietly. It is embarrassing when a customer gets such pictures and checking everything is impossible, C1 its not a "profesional" software for me. Solution, so far: 1. open PS 2. File>preferences>Camera RAW "automatically open JPEG..." change to "disable..." 3. open that jpg 4.Export as jpg (not "Save as"!) 


  • April

    Sounds like the JPG has some embedded adjustments applied that Camera Raw detects. 
    Another solution is to go into Bridge (it is probably part of your PS subscription and you can download it for free as it is included) and open the images in Camera Raw.
    Check the adjustment panels in Camera Raw if the sliders are adjusted.  
    Select all images in the folder or the ones you have the issue with.
    You can click the 3 dots in the right vertical panel and choose > Reset to default > Done.
    This should reset whichever adjustments were embedded and now you should be able to open directly from Capture One in Photoshop without the Camera Raw dialog. 

  • malkens malkens

    That's not working. There is a difference but not much. I  decided not use C1. Today I've spend 2 h fixing pictures from this bug. 


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