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can't refine or feather a healing mask in v22



  • SFA

    Surely the Healing mask is deciding how to blend the changes to the image and the idea of "refining" the mask manually (specifically in the context of healing) is therefore somewhat redundant or potentially confusing? (In most cases.) 

    A bit like keeping a dog but doing the barking and tail wagging yourself?

  • Ian Wilson

    You can't use the Feather and Refine tools as such on a healing mask. But you can change the softness/hardness and the opacity and flow when you use the healing brush so you can blend it in at the edges if you want. Feathering or blending it like that can be a good idea sometimes. But I doubt whether there is much mileage in trying to "refine" the mask to get a precise edge. The heal is very unlikely to blend in if you do. You can also use the erase brush to further adapt the mask, though.



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