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How to open Capture One 22 from Mac Photos



  • Eric

    CaptureOne isn't really made for single image editing, that's why there will likely never be a Photos extension for it. The application that Photos opens needs to be able to open the image, edit it and then save it in order for Photos to get a file back. CaptureOne does not actually alter the source file, it just saves instructions of the changes it makes and they are proprietary to CaptureOne. No other application would know what to do with the instructions and since there is no actual change to the source file, there is nothing to be able to save to Photos.

    If I were you, I would keep all the Raw files in a CaptureOne catalog or sessions, edit the files in CaptureOne and then export the changes as JPGs. Then import those JPGs into Photos (it also supports linked files, so you're not duplicating things) to use the AI features and social sharing available there.

  • François

    I'm new to CaptureOne

    I already have 38,000 images in my Photos library, so I'm not inclined to change my storage system . I'd like to use C1 for some delicate editing but I don't want to duplicate my library (for obvious reasons). Aside of creating new sessions, and export raw files in them (creating multiples and multiples duplicates of same images) to be able to edit with C1, can something be done for my needs ? Something like allowing "Edit with" in Photos ?


  • François




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