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On Batch Processing of find/replace script



  • Emory Dunn

    There are a few ways you could do this. 

    • Set the process recipe to open the image in your droplet
    • Use Hazel to send new images in a folder to the droplet
    • Use folder actions to do the same
    • Use a background script
    • Depending on what exactly your droplet does, maybe output naming tokens could work

    The first option is probably the easiest and would require the least setup. 

  • FirstName LastName

    We do have a folder action set up but we're finding that it's cause conflicts and prevent images from outputting.

    Going with option one, how would that work? I thought droplets are just apps? How would I process to open in the droplet?

  • Emory Dunn

    Exactly, it's the same setting for opening a processed image in Photoshop, for instance. You'll probably have to select the droplet manually from the Open With dropdown in the Export Format & Size section of the process recipe's settings. 

  • FirstName LastName

    Appreciated, I'll give that a try tomorrow.


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