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Colour shift in latest CO when imported DNG files from Topaz DeNoise AI



  • David Jennings

    I have the same issue and it also applies to DNG files created by DxO Pure Raw.  Not all DNG files are subject to the same color shift - files created by CO using the export as DNG function do not have the same color shift although they do appear to lose some brightness and saturation.

  • Barbora Vackova

    I have the exact same issue. So glad I found this post. I have not tried this in previous CO versions, I only downloaded the trial for Topaz and DXO pure raw to see which one would suit me better, and ended up very disappointed. It does not happen in Lightroom, so I thought I can not use any de-noise SW in CO if the results are like this. Thank you for clarifying that this was not the case in previous versions. I hope they can fix it asap. 

  • David Jennings

    The solution is to change the color slider under noise reduction to 0.  Thanks to Paul Horrell who posted this under the thread "Skin tones go dark green - Pentax DNG, Mac".



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