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"The current licence Key belongs to a different user account."



  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    if you log in to your Capture One account, you should be able to verify your licence code. 

    Once you have logged in, follow the Mange Licences link.

    Then you should see this screen which should show you the Licence Key.

    If you want, you can also click the highlighted link to show your activations.


  • Roman Štědronský

    The same problem after upgrading from 15.2.2 to 15.3.0. I had to deactivate license from Help - License, deactivating from License Management on web was not enough.

  • FirstName LastName

    Hi, not the same problem. I don't get those screens when I click on "Manage". All I get is a "History button" that takes me to my list of purchases. There is nothing on that screen that allows deactivation. I've logged in on different computers to check my browser. Same result.

  • Trevor Thompson

    same issue

  • yigit gunel

    Same issue here too.

    Just updated the Capture One as recommended. But the same message appears every time I open the app. 

    "The current license key belongs to a different user account."

    Really frustrating and annoying. I have been using CaptureOne since 1.0 first time I'm having this kind of issue. 





  • Michael Whitefoot

    same issue just started ..... why?

  • Howdy

    Any solve on this one?

  • Titan Carreon

    damn this update. adobe do not have this issue, update should have been just a quick update without even knowing you did it. capture one wants to reinstall the whole app then ask you to login 100x and says the account does not belong to you. why ask us to update to a rubbish version?

  • Emily Miller

    I'm having the same issue pop up. What is the solution?

  • Emily Miller

    No, it is not possible. I only have one account, one email.


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