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Upgrading Company from Pro to Enterprise


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  • FPPhotoEIT

    Hi. I did the same for my company recently and it was easy. Once you contact the sales rep and let them know, they send you a link and you install the new version. We opted for subscription based ENT, but I do think they offer perpetual.

    One thing to note - with ENT you get a feature called C1 Live, which is a live gallery and a nice feature, but still in its infancy. You will only get support for the 2 most recent versions/updates if there are issues. If you go the perpetual route, you run the risk of losing that support. If you don't use Live, this may not matter, but keep that in mind. This same rule may apply to the barcode tool. We don't use that, so I don't know first hand.

    We justified the extra costs of subscription based on the rate of camera upgrades for the company. The add-on cost for Live was a worthy test. Not sure if we'll keep it long term. Again, it's early.


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