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Recent Imports not showing in viewer


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  • Boris Tomsic

    This problem started from a recent upgrade, though I can't remember exactly which one. I am still on 15.1.
    And I discovered the same workaround, which as you said, is just a minor inconvenience, so I haven't submitted a Support Request.They have more serious problems than they can deal with anyway.

    When this problem started it would happen every time I opened C1, but then eventually, sometimes it would be good again. However, more recently it is mostly good, and can be periods of weeks where the problem doesn't occur, and then one day it comes back once or twice, then is good again. I open C1 at least once every single day.
    Other times, when you're already working in C1, when you take certain actions, such as switch to another folder in the Catalog or Session, the browser only shows the filenames but no preview. In that case, just click on the "blank" where the preview would be, and maybe press up/down arrow key.
    I haven't heard any other complaints about this issue (or maybe one?) so I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. Means it's more likely they'll try to fix it, but still, would be very difficult when it's intermittent


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