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Latest Release 15.3 This is not working properly!!!!!!!



  • steve brickles

    I have to agree with Paul.   I made the 'mistake' of downloading and installing the new version.

    After updating/grading the catalogue, it gives me the standard workspace, so I revert to my saved one. Upon a restart, C1 completely ignores this and reverts back to a basic workspace with very wide tools column and very wide filmstrip.... This is very EMBARRASING in front of CLIENTS.  So yes, I reload my saved workspace, then save it again, with a different name, then try and delete the older one... C1 ignores all of this.

    Moving from grid view to view one image mode....  WHY....? WHY have you taken away double click...? 

    How do I set double click a mouse to open an image from grid view...?

    Software developers never listen do they..? We want stable software that works, not 'redesigned' UI's that take several steps backwards. 

    Beta test your updates properly, it isn't rocket science...

  • Alexander Herzig

    Paul: I had also problems with the new version. I downloadet the former version from my capture one user account. After login in your capture one user account there is a Link Download. Then go to former version and then 15.2.2. Be careful: The updatet catalog is not usable with the older version. You have to use the backup catalog. And you have to remove the backup ending of the catalog name.

    For me the crop tool bug is the problem. Unconstained cropp does not work any more. There ist a workaround that is not very convienient but it is better then nothing. I hope the developer of the software fix these bugs soon.



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