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Crop ratio



  • Shane Baker

    This is a user forum. If you wish to contact Capture One, use the submit a request link above.


  • Markus Stamm

    I know... I have given that reply here myself quite often ;)

    I did file a support request first. I then opened the thread here. To be honest, I was simply lazy and reused the text I submitted in the support request and should have rephrased it here. Actually, I'm curious if this new behaviour is an issue for others, too.

  • Kassur

    Hi Markus,

    I totally agree with you! Different users - different needs. There should be an entry at the preferences, where anyone could makes his own default crop.



  • Tomasz Bojakowski

    This change in default behavior made my workflow way slower now, for the same reason. I often prepare couple of series for export where each of the series is with different crop ratio - now have to click for every single image to change it (i.e. 16:9, 1:1). Copying and pasting "crop" is a workaround, but still often slower then before.

    Bad move without giving us an option to change that in preferences.

  • Allan Rube

    This change is a pain for me too. I want it set to unrestrained as I always crop for appearance. I hate this extra step.

  • Markus Stamm

    I received the following advice from Support:

    "You can batch-apply a ratio simply by selecting all the images you want to change, then changing the ratio once. "

    This does actually work and makes the change in behavior a bit less painful, though I still miss a way to set a default ratio to start with for all upcoming edits.

  • John Harper

    I received the same advice from Support, as has been said it's a pain.

    I told them they know nothing about my workflow.

  • Vilmos Vincze

    I agree this is a user forum. I trust Capture One monitors it, and can gain useful user feedback here.
    So it was certainly good to bring up this topic.

    The new behavior frustrates me too. The batch-cropping solution is a possibility indeed, but it can not fit every workflow and every situation. It does not fit mine either. The option in Preferences could solve this.


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