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15.3 Browser Bar and other issues



  • Nicolas Det

    confirmed! Sometime the sorting is randomly moving to manual.

  • A Photographer

    I noticed the same problem with the random "manual" sorting.

  • Ian Wilson
    Top Commenter

    As far as the crop is concerned, as you will see from other posts, this is a deliberate change. Many users had in fact asked for it, so that by default the crop on an image is set to its existing ratio, not to the one you last used on a different image.


  • A Photographer

    I prefer the new crop behaviour.  Each image has its crop ratio.

    C1 could add an option to remember crop ratio between images.  Similar to the ability in the levels tool to auto clip on RGB (combined) or individual channels.

  • René Töpfer

    The new crop behaviour is very good. Is there a possibility to change between these two modes?

  • Mehdi Douali

    I have the same issues as the original post on Windows 10 and 4k monitor.  The UI doesn't rescale properly and parts of the browser bar are hidden. When dragging the CaptureOne window from one monitor to another the re-scaling of the interface jutters and jumps and ends up crashing the window.

    I have also noticed the sort mode switching to manual and some images suddenly appearing at the end of the list. 




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