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Strange style brush behavior with 15.3



  • FirstName LastName

    When using a style brush, do you ever hold down the Shift key for some reason?
    If you place a brush on the screen at one point and then hold down the Shift key while placing the brush at a distance, a straight line should connect the two points.

  • Fred Greaves

    No shift key and it happens as soon as I start to apply the correction... there is no second point for it to connect to, a line with the correction applied is drawn from the area I am correcting to the upper left corner of the frame. 

  • FirstName LastName

    Perhaps the tip of the mask in the upper left corner is pointed? If so, I have a similar experience.
    I'm on 15.3.1 and it hasn't happened at all recently, so I don't know why, but...

  • Robert Gyori

    Not certain if this is related, but I have encountered a mask application problem when immediately after beginning the mask a portion the mask flies off into the upper left corner but doesn't otherwise prevent me from completing the mask as intended. I can erase the offending portion of the mask upon completion. Note: This only happens occasionally and only (so far) with files that have been processed with Topaz DeNoise using "edit with".

    I have never encountered this issue with a 100% CO work flow.

    CO on a Mac OS 11.6.7.

  • Fred Greaves

    Robert, this is the same issue I am experiencing, but I'm not using any Topaz plugins on the images, this is the initial edit on the raw files. It does not happen every time, but frequently enough that it's a pain.

    I, too, erase the part of the mask that I didn't create and move on, but I hope this is fixed so that I don't have to keep checking each time I use a brush to make sure it hasn't happened again... 

  • carl gruber

    I am exactly experiencing the same issue as Fred-Greaves mentioned. I do not press any button or did. chance anything in my settings. Style Brushes do not work properly anymore since I updated to the latest version of Capture One 22 ;-(((((

  • Matthew Oaten

    I'm having the same issue. You can see from the attached image what happens, this is from a single click on his face. If i restart capture one, it works as intended for the first use of style brush, but when i move on to the next image the same thing happens. Any solutions aside from continually erasing the unintended portion of the mask?

    On Capture One 23, M1 Max 16"


  • kendrick dettmers

    I just wanted to jump in and report that I'm also having the same issue specifically when working on Fuji RAF files and using any (even my own) style brushes. I'm running an M1 MAX Studio. 

  • Michelle Cutelli

    My too having same problem. it is intermittent and so annoying. All I can do it erase the problem exactly like the image above.

  • Kodify Media Group

    I am having the same issue with myself and my team. Weird brush trails that occur intermittently. Has there been any bug fixes for this? 

  • Oskar Ekdahl

    I've had this issue as well for over a year. Super annoying and takes a lot of time. C1 also freezes for a while before it applies the mask.


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