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Unable to reorder favorites in v22



  • Marlene Asselin

    you are not the only one using windows….  on the other hand, I still haven't had a 15.3.2 update, I'm still at 15.3.  the software as such works well

  • Christopher O'Grady

    My post may seem a little ranty. But I've had windows bugs that are not fixed in the current version but are fixed in the paid updates. So I am expected to pay for an updated version to fix bugs. Always nervous now that C1 will be updated to a new version at any time and we will be expected to pay for the upgrade to fix bugs.

    (I just submitted a support case)

    Can you please confirm you are able to reorder favorites in v15.3?



  • Christopher O'Grady

    Support case created: bug acknowledged by support in 15.3.2

    Update History:

    15.3.3 Not fixed

    15.4.0 Not fixed

    15.4.1 NOT FIXED.

    Part of the capture one experience to have a quality of life bug not fixed in several versions.


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