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Ipad Air 2 - doenst recognize fuji xt3



  • Jack W

    mauricio magalhães Your iPad is unfortunately unsupported. You need a device that can run at least iOS 15.

    The officially supported iPads are:

    • iPad Pro third generation and more recent 
    • iPad eighth generation and more recent 
    • iPad mini sixth generation and more recent 
    • iPad Air fourth generation and more recent 

    Contact Apple for a refund if you require it, as we cannot handle requests based on App Store purchases. Hope that works out and let me know if not.

  • mauricio magalhães

    Hello Jack! Thank you for your help. I believe it is not working due to my ipad air 2 being an old one, and as you mentioned, it only works from 4th generation onwards. And I didn't have to pay, I used the trial license, with 7 days to test. Now I'm going to change my ipad, for a newer version.


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