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What are your Capture & Processing times...


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  • John Straus

    iPad mini 6 - Sony A7IV

    25 RAW files - No adjustments

    Tethered - 12 sec. The cable matters!! I tested 3 scenarios. Cheap cable with Apple USB-C adapter. Tether Tools cable with Apple USB-C adapter, & USB-C to USB-C Data cable from a Samsung SSD. The cheap cable took 35 seconds. Both the "Data" cables took 12 seconds.

    Direct Wi-Fi 5g - 75 seconds = 3 seconds each
    Home Wi-Fi - Would not connect to camera

    Processing the 25 RAW files to JPG - 3m15sec. 8 seconds each.

    Import 150 RAW files from SD to iPad mini - 45 sec (Cheap Kingston USB-C dual SD card reader)
    Copy 150 RAW files from iPad mini to Samsung T7 SSD - 1:15 sec


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