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original file export gives me a permission error



  • paul schefz

    just following up on this myself

    I am on the iPadOS 16 beta, is that why I am having this issue? it keeps popping up, really difficult to get files off the iPad. can't save to internal or external storage, sometimes tiff export works, raw never seems to work.

    does screen rotation work for anyone? 

    at this point I am not sure I will use C1 desktop at all, might just use the iPad too shoot tethered, which works great and export tiffs to LR, the masking tools are just too important to give up.

  • paul schefz

    also: and this might have something to do with the fact that although officially images will only be stored on iPad, I somehow ended up with copies on internal card as well as on iPad (which is great btw) 

    some files from my first tethering attempt (which was often interrupted because the camera kept locking up for an unrelated issue) were re-named, some were not. I ended up with duplicates from that shoot on the iPad.

    the second much bigger (1800+ files) shoot went incredibly smooth, fast transfer, all great but all files were re-named on import to iPad as FUJIFILM -xxxx.raf (since I am shooting gfx100s) they are on card with their original camera given names.

    the error message I am getting interestingly says that image (Fujifilm 0105.raf) can't be read because I don't have permission. that file does not seem to exist (I can't find it and the others start with higher numbers, so I doubt it was one I deleted) 

    I am assuming that all this is because I am running the beta, iPadOS 16 should be out any day and I am sure this will be resolved soon.

    shooting to card AND iPad is huge IMO, always having that instant back up frees the mind. if I remember correctly I was able to do this with hasselblad phocus mobile. and obviously it is possible now. but it needs a proper file renaming option or the option not to rename, which I would probably prefer since at that point it would be easier to stay on top of files on card and on iPad if necessary.


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