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Tethered shots getting View Only applied



  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    What Nikon file type are you shooting to?

    Is it supported?

    Or, more basic but easily overlooked, have you inadvertently set the Tether to Composition Mode for setup purposes and forgotten to unset it?

    Or there may be some other situation ...

  • Adrian Lyons

    Standard nef files from z7II. Not in composition mode, just a simple tether shoot. And it has only happened on a couple shots in a session of over 200+. But it's random and out of nowhere.

    Is there a keyboard shortcut combo that can apply this?

  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    Sorry Adrian,

    Nothing else comes to mind unless there is some sort of Nikon setting that may be applied to a regular NEF  file in camera but is not supported for processing. However that would seem more likely with more recent cameras.

    Given the few instances among many, might it be possible that a corrupt file or two have been written and/or are somehow not identified accurately as far as C1 sees them. I.E C1 sees the file and can read the embedded jpg to show what is there but does not know how to process it and has not created an edit instructions file and full preview?

    Have you tried re-importing the NEF (perhaps renamed for testing purposes?)  to the session or catalogue?


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