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Is it really that bad? 1.8 stars on app store



  • David Mantripp

    It’s a well crafted application, but it meets the needs of a very restricted user group right now. For some of that group it may be worth the price. But it is almost useless for a more general audience who might expect something more along the lines of Lightroom for iPad.  CaptureOne seem generally to be targeting event, fashion and wedding pros as a strategy. Maybe that’s where the money is.

  • hollywoodstills

    Thanks David Mantripp for your thoughts.  I was surprised [rather shocked] to see that the Lightroom for iPad gets a 4.8 on the App Store, while again this one gets 1.8! 

  • David Mantripp

    I guess App Store ratings are very subjective.  In terms of App design, stability, etc, I would rate CaptureOne equal to or a touch higher than Lr.  In terms of the end-to-end functionality, for me CaptureOne iPad doesn't in any way hit the target.  But in terms of what it actually promises to deliver, there's no issue.  So since at present it is not relevant to mer, I would not rate it.     I imagine other low ratings are from people taking a wider view, and of objecting to paying (more) for it.

    But objectively "1.8" is just absurd.

  • SFA
    Top Commenter


    I have no interest in C1 for iPad  - nor, indeed, any Apple products. So no axe to grind.

    Generically your analysis of the rating "system" seems to be on point.

    The problem that C1 would have in trying to overcome that might be that there are likely to be 99 existing Adobe product users for every C1 user with any level of expectation that the product can match. Maybe 999:1

    That would be a really steep climb to make to reverse the rating even if the applications were 100% feature-for-feature compatible in functionality. 


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