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my experience with Capture One Ipad edition, some questions and some suggestions



  • Jack W

    Hi Lorenzo Ceva Valla 

    First of all, thank you for taking the time to not only use Capture One for iPad, but for providing this valuable feedback.

    With regards to the functionality of the iPad being limited: have you considered making your own Styles, which can be imported into the iPad app? Even though the tools do not exist, you can still get the desired adjustments. However, I understand that the adjustments you mention could be camera, lens, or image specific – so that may not work.

    I hope it's ok, but our Product Management team saw your post and would like to gather some further insights and more importantly, hear your thoughts about how Capture One for iPad can be improved.

    If you're up for it, they would like to send you an email. Let me know if that is ok.



  • Lorenzo Ceva Valla

    Hi thank You for your kind answer!

    Of course you can contact me vie email!

    You must know that I discovered C1 iPad just a few days a go I gave a try on my old iPad pro 2016 and I was so enthusiast that I went to my apple store and brought a new iPad Pro 2021 with 1 Tb just to use C1 because I did not want to bring with me my Mac Book Pro...

    I have another question about EIP file format.

    I work in C1 in my studio with catalog not with session so when I arrived home I made as usual an album for the work of these days and I imported the EIP files selected on my iPad and partially done on the iPad and I finished to work on them on my Mac Pro (with 3 Eizo monitors) and I exported them.

    As I wanted to be sure not to have forget some thing I made a comparison between the EIP files and all the original ARW files (which I downloaded in a separate folder on my Mac Pro directly from the card on my Sony cameras) and I found 75 more picture that I have not selected on my iPad. 

    The question is: as I am working with catalog and not with session how can I pack those 75 ARW files into EIP? I ask this because I just discovered that under the IMAGE menu PACK AS EIP is grayed out because this works only with session... Up to now the only way seams to be to import those 75 ARW file in the iPad and export them as EIP files and re import them on my Mac Pro, not very comfortable!

    I never used EIP format before but as with the iPad app this has become fundamental I think that it will be very important to have the possibility to use them also in an ALBUM in the CATALOG structure as it works perfectly as I just experimented!


    As I already said I think the the option to renumber files on the iPad would be for me very important because I always work with 2 cameras with different lens. My 2 cameras are perfectly synchronized (time setting) so usually when I import my raw files into my mac pro I sort them by creation date and I renumber them in the correct order, The problem with the EIP files from my iPad is that the system consider as CREATION DAY not he moment of the shoot but the moment of the exporting in EIP on my iPad so, for example it is difficult to integrate in the correct order those last 75 ARW files which I selected in my studio in a second moment!



  • Jack W

    Great to hear Lorenzo Ceva Valla

    As I understand it, you're unable to open 75 EIP files in your Capture One Pro catalog, is that correct? Or did you simply forget to mark them for selection? If it's the latter, then I recommend going back and exporting those EIP files – Airdrop is a really nice solution for iPad and Mac users!

    In future, to avoid missing files, I recommend creating an album in the iPad app that follows your own ruleset, i.e. 'any images I want to cloud transfer, I mark with a green tag' and then create an album with only green tagged images (this would be made a lot easier if Smart Albums were on iPad, but we're working on that)

    I guess it's a workflow tweak, and as you've only been using the iPad in your workflow for a few days, these things might become easier with the more you use it and also, with the improvements we're looking to make.

    I hope I've understood correctly.



  • Lorenzo Ceva Valla

    Hi Jack!

    Sorry but i am Italian and my English some times it's not so good.

    I created an album on my iPad with only the selected files (975 from a total of over 2500 pictures it's a big work... with lots of people and situations). To do so, as you said I used a green tag on the selected files and then I filtered by GREEN TAG and made a specific album that I exported in EIP format on an external HD. Once in my studio I worked as I explained in my last message. (using the cloud is not an option for me due to the fact that I still have an ADSL connection in my studio for problems about which is not worth speaking here, hopefully in the next weeks I will have a fiber connection...)

    After I made a cross check between the file I selected on the fly on my iPad while I was working and the rest of the raw files which I imported separately directly from my SD cards to be sure that I did not mis something important while I made my selection in first place on my iPad and as I said I founded 74 more picture which I need and which I did not see in the rush of working during the shooting.

    Those files are now ARW files (SONY RAW FORMAT). I imported them in a C1album on my mac pro with out any problem, what I would like to do is to pack those file in EIP format so they will be the same format of the EIP files I imported from my iPad.

    The problem is as I am working with CATALOG there is no way to convert those files into EIP as this function works only in SESSION.

    Hope that this is clear.


    About the 

    • BASIC characteristic (camera profile and basic curve),
    • Lens correction (lens profile, chromatic aberration and distortion)
    • Purple fringing correction

    I also thought that this could be done with a personal style but as I use different lenses it will become hard to remember which lens I used in every single picture as I did not find the way to see the metadata of my pictures in C1 APP for iPad.

    In conclusion I am sure that I need to use the app more to get familiar with it (even if this was a good test!) and I am writing to you about my experience because I think that it is a wonderful way of working! 


    best regards 



  • paul schefz

    I agree that a rename feature is necessary for tethered shooting and or import. Renaming on export is great but most of us will do most of the heavy lifting later on a a laptop or desktop. So unless all files are exported at once at that point as EIP it ends up being a mess with original raw files having different names then the exported ones that are most likely the most important ones.

    I have never really worked with EIP but it seems to me they are the best way to work using iPad first, desktop second. Just takes some getting used to. 

    All other functionality really depends on how the development team sees the iPad app. The more it can be considered a replacement for C1, the more functions have to be added. Right now it is a great tethering and importing app but that means that initial file handling and solid transfer has to be fast and solid. I would love to see file naming and faster transfer to desktop (is there a way to just go USB C to USB C?)  

  • Lorenzo Ceva Valla

    Yesterday night I used again the app and I partially solved a problem.

    I took 450 pictures, loaded them into my iPad and I used the app to make the selection on my iPad while I was having dinner (...).

    In the end I exported all the files (tagged and not) as Eip file from my iPad to an external HD and loaded them in to an album on my mac pro, I renamed all the pictures and then I filtered the selected ones and I worked on them.

    Using EIP file format is essential even just to keep the color tag as all the post-production was done on my Mac Pro!


    I have some more questions and wishes but I don't have time now to write!





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