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Change just one tool setting for multiple images



  • gb

    You would have to do it via copy/apply adjustments.
    Set the required Contrast on your source image, select it, then bring up the Adjustments Clip Board via
    Menu - Adjustments - Copy and Apply Adjustments.
    Deselect everything except Contrast and click Copy.
    Select all the other images and Apply only Contrast.
    Have "edit all selected variants" turned on if variants are involved.


  • Jeremy Bacon

    Thank you gb.  Just the job.  I knew there had to be a way (C1 is so adaptable) but I couldn't figure it out.

  • Jeremy Bacon

    Thank you SFA. The method you suggest works well and is a little faster / easier than the one helpfully outlined by gb.  Thanks to you both.

  • Jeremy Bacon

    Hello SFA. I'm back again on the same subject. I'm probably being very dense but I thought I had understood your suggestions and had been able to implement them. However, having tried again, I'm not having any success.

    As a test I have 4 images. I select separate settings for each of the four images but include one additional setting (call it Contrast) common to each of the four images. It is this Contrast setting that I wish to adjust later without affecting the other settings. I highlight all four images and adjust the Contrast setting but this is only applied to the primary variant.  I do have ‘Edit Selected’ set to apply adjustments to all selected images. I know I’m missing something obvious :(

  • Jeremy Bacon

    Thanks SFA.  You have come to the rescue again.  Normally I always use Speed Edit for White Balance, Exposure, Levels, HDR, Clarity, Sharpening & Dehaze. I think it's a fantastic tool. When I ran the test mentioned in my earlier comment I must have used the Contrast slider 'manually' without thinking to use Speed Edit. I’ve just tried again and of course with Speed Edit the change is applied to all the highlighted variants. Once again, thank you.

  • Beraru Valentin
    Hello, it would be helpful if we had a speed key for Color Editor as well. For example, I would like to select 5 pictures of the wedding dress and remove the blue from the dress without creating a style just for that. I've been using Capture One for a year and I like it very much, but switching from Lightroom for years, that sync is missing for adjustments in details for a selection of photos.

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