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Sharpening mask similar to Lightroom

Not currently planned



  • Official comment
    Mathieu B
    Product Manager

    Hi everyone, 
    Thank you for the suggestion - this is not something we are currently working on.

    This does not mean this is a bad suggestion or that it will never be adressed, but in an effort of transparency we want you to know that we are not currently allocating resources to solving this issue.

    We will revisit the status of this thread if and when it changes.

  • Jürgen Hügle

    Fully agree! I would love to see this feature in C1. It is one of the small things I miss when looking back to Lightroom.

  • BeO
    Top Commenter

    Yes indeed this would be a great feature in C1.

  • František Hulec

    I would also like that

  • Stephen Caissie

    I wouldn’t say it’s a feature that I miss much from LR, but if the engineers could get it to work without breaking the fundamental nature of the sharpening function (or breaking any patents, for that matter), I’d not object.

  • Bruce

    I agree, this would be very helpful. Along with for noise reduction. Currently, I find myself temporarily using B&W mode, but it's not nearly as effective as the overlays. It's one of the usability touches that I miss.

  • Prasad Palaniyandi

    I don't think it is complicated feature to implement. It is such an important and very much useful tool especially for Landscape and Wildlife .... Request C1 to reconsider and implement it...

  • Philippe Rouquet

    Namaste Prasad,

    I have enquired about this feature several times before but the C1 development team does not seem to care. I am a bit disappointed with C1. They cater far more to fashion and urban photography and far less to nature and wildlife photography. If nothing new and useful for nature and wildlife photography comes out soon, I think I will quit C1 and move to DXO. Derawtizing or demosaicing was my number one reason for choosing C1 over LR, but now the competition is fierce and there are great alternatives.

    The best approach I have found so far with sharpening in C1 is to use 0.4 for Radius and 0.2 for Threshold and then crank up the Amount to bring out fine details. Halo suppression then to taste ...



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