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Hot Key's



  • gb

    AFAIK the oem keys are those keys whose function has been changed from the standard US layout to conform to different local language keyboard conventions.
    So the US keyboard has the square brackets keys (brush size) to the right of the "P" key,
    while on a German keyboard you have to press ALT Gr + 8 / 9 to get to the square brackets.

    I assume C1 is just saying to use the keys that have the intended character assigned to them.

  • J. van Benschop

    Thnx so far for your help. But...ALT Gr...??? What is the Gr?  I think my Enlish has not been 'updated' enough here. ;)


  • J. van Benschop

    Oeps, found it!!!


  • SFA
    Top Commenter

    If you go to the Keyboard Shortcut editor, set the Search to the "Key" option, then put the cursor in the search box and select the keys the search will display the "name" by which the OS and C1 identify the key - including the OEM part of the name. 


    This can be the best option for clearly identifying key names because there are so many variations in keyboard layout and function.


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