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Shortcuts; missing autosave; filter



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    If you set up a shortcut have you also saved the Shortcuts with to new set with your own naming applied?

    There are already quite a large number of shortcuts available, although I suspect the use fo shortcuts, as powerful as it may be, is used well and widely by a relatively low number of users out of the total user base.

    I think it you wish to suggest additional Shortcut options it would be useful to the developers if you could list the ones you think might be worth including.

    What do you mean by "autosave"?


    Save the current edit work? (This is done automatically after every action) , Or save all of the files to some form of system backup?  Or something else?



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    I have the same problem with C1 "forgetting" keyboard shortcuts.  I assigned Ctrl-B to the magic brush.  MOst of the time, it would disappear right after I closed the shortcut menu.  Sometimes it would last after a few keystrokes.  Strangely enough using the F1 shortcut for the magic brush was more sticky.  I did report to customer service. Using v15.4.2 on Win10


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