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Capture One 23 can run in my OS Mac 10.15.7 .



  • David Beech

    That’s great to hear. Do all the features work ok or is it slower than previous?  

    I’m still on Catalina as well. I’ve not tried upgrading yet as I had problems getting the last version of C1 22 to run and I still don’t know why. Do you still have 22 on your system just in case?

  • Kanoksak Parakkamodom

    Yes , I still have old C1 22 in my Applications folder  as C1 21 too .
    Slower ? Sorry , I don't notice and look like not differ from old version.

    C1 23  has some new tools  , esp smart adjustments that adjust exposure and white balance for the group of images to the same appearance , I like it . Other main tools aren't changed from old version . 

    Some time , you may bore Mac that  frequently upgrade  MacOS  while your hardware quickly out of date ( in the fact , it still work well and no problem  ) and known problems of new MacOS are not compatible with old application or some hardwares as digital camera .

    In my experience that use both Mac and Windows . In same budget , I can built new PC with higher grade of CPU , GPU , RAM  . 

    Color management is not problem for Windows system as the past . 
    If you choose one brand hardware ( Mainboard , graphic card ) and high quality RAM  , the system stability is not issue that you will concern . 

    Windows 11 is stable and not fool OS as old windows in the past.


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