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Affinity Photo 2 & Capture One



  • Kassur

    Thank you AnLI for pointing me to this update! :-)



  • ANLI

    I was really happy to give them 50€. I switched from Adobe to Affinity three years ago. So three years=50 €. Including all updates. Capture One charges 200€ every year. If i compare version 22 with 23 -it’s a handful.  I know I know I don’t have to upgrade…. Just saying. ;-)

  • Ruud Maas

    I have installed Affinity Photo 2 and Affinity Publisher 2.

    For me important programs voor printing and publishing.

    However de "edith with" and "open with" function in Capture one 23 does not start the Affinity programs.  It only produces a tiff-file in Capture One 23.

    Can somebody help me.

  • ANLI

    here's what i did:


    First you want to make sure both apps are in the same color space. C1/export/ ICC profile. AP/pref/Color.

    Next make sure C1/pref/plug in/Open with Menu ---you pick AP.

    Do whatever you want with your File in C1 - then use the "edit with".

    You will see AP as an option.

    AP will open the file automaitcally.

    When saving in AP chose "tiff with layers".

    That's it.

    Hence when back in C1 you will see all changes from AP in the tiff file. When opening again you got to chose "open with" instead of "edit with".

    Also be aware if you decide to do further changes in C1 on the tiff file- some effects will appear differently- for instance styles will have a different impact....

    Hope this works for you, Cheers. A

  • ANLI

    idk what's happening there... i would pick the Tiff with AP manually do a obvious change - save it ( with layers) and  check if these changes show up in C1. maybe its just some weird handover issue...

  • ANLI

    also- uncheck everything in the Open with Menu. restart C1 and check Affinity again. repair the Library maybe. if nothing works go back to analog photography ;)

  • Mark Peers

    I have just hit the same issue with Affinity Photo V2 killing ALL the Edit With and Open With functionality on Windows 11.
    Seriff have used the "new" Microsoft app installation process and this means that most 3rd party programs can't start Photo V2 (lots of complaints and discussion over on the Affinity forums) but it seems to be worse with CO. Not only does the Edit With and Open With not work with Photo V2, all the other applications in the Open With plugin have stopped working. Looks like there might be a problem in the Open With plugin that's being triggered by Photo 2.
    Fortunately uninstalling Photo 2 immediately restores the Open With plugin functionality.
    Hopefully this will get sorted soon because the new features in Photo 2 are worth having but in the mean time I'll have to resort to V1.



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