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Black Friday



  • FirstName LastName

    I came here to make the same post you did. This upgrade cost is absolutely ridiculous and there's no way I'm spending that kind of money on a software I use casually. I absolutely refuse to support companies that want to charge me a subscription for software and the fact that capture one is now offering cheaper rates per year for a subscription versus me owning the software out right just put a nail in the coffin to where I don't see the point upgrading to capture one 2023. And if they keep going like this, I'll definitely looking for other solutions. I know there's other software out there.

  • Bill

    LOL, new license cheaper than an upgrade.

    Not fair to existing customers and doesn't create brand loyalty.

  • Kristan Akerman

    I came here to upgrade from 22 to 23 as their newsletter says “Get up to 50%* off our entire store”. The upgrade is in the store, where’s the discount?

  • Alexander Roediger

    The same for me - User since x-years and I want to upgrade my V22 on the 50% Black Friday "exclusive offer" and what did I get - An upgrade costs mor than a new license. What a joke

  • Shu

    I'm here for the same reason.  Has anyone inquired CP support? I'm thinking to upgrade CP12 to 23 but cheaper license for new...

  • FirstName LastName

    They have told me. To buy subscription promo for £108 and keep to licenses.
    I think this is my solution… it’s just messed up.

    But if this is what they want…?

  • Daniel Schulz

    Specially funny as there is not something new with upgrading too implemented. Same old .. nothing new


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