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If Phase One is looking for a licensing scheme to make more why don't they ever advertise to Lightroom users?



  • David Stone

    I think there is a pricing error with the subscription model with needs addressing.  Adobe LR + PS is cheaper than the current subscription prices + plus Adobe lets users use the software on two computers, and switching licenses between computers is easy. So if you need a third computer (i.e. a windows computer no problem, just switch the licence for a few hours and then switch it back)

  • Kip Vaughan

    Capture One works on two computers, I have it on both my laptop and desktop. I wish Capture One would have the Universal license option that Affinity just came out with where you pay for one license that goes across Mac, Windows, and iPad. So much simpler. Given that the iPad versions of these programs tend have quite a bit less features then the desktop I don't see why they can't throw the iPad in with the price of the desktop software. I am not sure if the pricing is listed wrong.

    Also one reason I don't bother with the cloud service is that it still doesn't copy the content between two computers. I could potentially be interested in buy that if it did that one functionality that I brought up several years ago.


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