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Skin tone tool: selected color does not match



  • Propheticus

    Could it be the colour correction and skin tone pickers average an area of several pixels to get a colour range that does not fluctuate too strongly when going over individual pixels with very different colours? Otherwise (ISO) noise or dither-like patterns could result in a colour range selection that is no where near what the patch/area of colour looks like (when zoomed out a little).
    It would be nice if the picker outlined which pixels it samples.

    The colour readout pins have an of-by-one error by the way. The shown values are from the pixel one right + one down.

    The pixel it points at, when hoovering over it with the select tool (mouse cursor icon) shows a value of:

  • Noob with a Nikon

    Ah yes, the many quirks of C1.

    >Have you tried zooming to 100% or more in order to better see what the selected point pixels look like?
    Yes, as you can see on the 1st screenshot. It's zoomed in to 200%.

    I think Propheticus might be right, it seems logical when zoomed out, however when zoomed in why would I not be able to select the very color that I'm clicking on? It is weird to select a bright patch of colors and what it actually selects is a far darker color. 


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