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GFX 50S Tiny Live View Viewer Windows 10



  • Christopher O'Grady

    I can't work like this. It's ridiculous to have this tiny live view window surrounded by black.

    I've poked around in the interface for 20-30 minutes now trying to see how to make it fill the screen like it does on my macbook...

  • Christopher O'Grady

    The true Capture One PC experience with this one.

    I am the only person in the world with this problem.

    Phase One will get back to me with a copy paste reply in 45 days. 

    Go buy a mac.

  • Eddie F

    Have you tried the "Viewer Zoom" at the upper right?

  • Christopher O'Grady

    Thanks for your reply Eddie F

    Viewer Zoom only zooms into the viewer. 

    The slider has no effect on the size of the viewer window.

    Another GFX user replied to a Facebook post I created in the Capture One group and has the same problem.

    This is possibly a GFX / PC thing. 

    Support replied but has not mentioned any issues with GFX cameras and PCs. They just keep running me around with more questions. First they said it's due to the 4k screen of the XPS but I specifically bought the FHD 1920 model and my desktop is a 2560 resolution Eizo. Now they are asking me the resolution of my 2015 15" Macbook pro that has never had a problem... Meh.

    Apparently, me and some guy on Facebook are the only people in the universe with this problem.

  • Menno de Vries

    This post is now 10 months old, has there been a resolution? I face the same problem, but with a Mac M1 & Fuji X-T2


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