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Duplicate filenames on ipad and originals not transferring tp desktop



  • Ger Lawlor

    P.S. was shooting tethered (with a cable)


  • erik kellar

    I had the same issue and I could not download the images.  It also renamed the files for some reason which why?   I shot on Canon 5D Mark IV and another friend had the same problem with his nikon 

  • FirstName LastName

    Rename the duplicate files on the iPad and transfer them to the desktop using a file transfer app or cloud storage service. If the original files are not transferring, check the file format compatibility and try again. If the issue persists, restart both devices and try the transfer again. Try to follow this steps and figure it out.  official site



  • Ger Lawlor

    Thanks Robert. That is what I did and it worked. I had to order by time/date (to keep shoot in sequence) then rename everything, and then export as eip. It's all far too brittle for pro use however. You will understand that the idea of renaming/messing around with the ONLY copy of images from a shoot, sitting on an ipad is somewhat terrifying. This is data recovery territory, in my book.

    I was on site in a hi-tech manufacturing facility this week and the client was utterly horrified that his shoot was dependent solely on an iPad, i.e. no backup to camera when photographing. I agree. In fact, I previewed a few images and then shot untethered for the rest.

    The app is really good, but this is a dealbreaker for guys like me who are working in professional environment.


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