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Move C1 21 to C1 23



  • Shane Baker

    Just open your C1 catalogue with C1 23. Don't import the files - just open the catalogue.

    Regarding customer support: good question - though you can Submit a request.


  • Jack W

    Hi AWB - I think you will find this article useful:

    We don't offer phone support because it's quite difficult to troubleshoot software issues over the phone. It often requires screenshots, screen recordings, seeing things from your perspective etc.

    We also have resources like the article above, but you can always contact us here if you need specific help or if you find a bug.

  • Javier Aquiso

    Buenos días, quisiera saber cómo actualizar mi C1 21 (licencia perpetua) a C1 23 y el coste de esta actualización. Es compatible C1 23 con Fujifilm X-T5. Gracias.


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