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Capture one for IPAD - Editing from an external SSD



  • Jack W

    Capture One for iPad contains one centralized catalog that you should not (and cannot) move between devices. I also do not recommend working and saving to a catalog that is saved on an external drive.

  • Kenneth Rivera

    I just posted a similar thread, I think sessions makes PERFECT sense on the overall captureone workflow, you can start on the iPad on an external drive and then switch to the PC.

    I found cloud solutions slow for the large file sizes, and on the go there's no way I can transfer all my photos to the ipad internal memory, while conecting several USB-C drives makes total sense if needed. I go on a travel once or twice per year, for 2-4 weeks and I shoot between 500-1 TB of files each trip and would make sense for me to edit on the drive.


  • FirstName LastName

    there should be a differance place on the iPad where we can store the images, outside the capture one program folder.

    Few times I had to reset program and delete and reinstall.  the unfortunate news is that you data will delete too and nobody is warning you.

  • Brian Eaves

    You can totally shoot to the iPad without an issue. Also when I connected a Samsung T7 to my iPad I could export the originals to the Samsung T7 n the files App.

    The cloud-based thing is good only if you have a very good upload speed. I’m talking 30Mbps and above to transfer Raws over the Internet. Typically it can be done overnight (depending on how many files were shot and the megapixel of the camera. But I don’t know anyone who’s got the patience for that.


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