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C1 for iPad field report



  • Jack W

    HI David Mantripp – thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and for sharing your experience with the iPad version.

    As a landscape/nature photographer, have you considered using it as a tethered companion? I.e. Using it to check for overall sharpness, making basic edits as images come in to see whether your lighting conditions are favorable. I think my workflow would be shooting tethered to iPad, making ratings/tags and some basic adjustments which can then be carried on in the desktop application. I'd also avoid using Photos where possible, as I've found Files to be far more robust and reliable, so I hear you loud and clear on that front.

    I'm forwarding this post on to our Product Management team, as I think it's very valuable feedback. We really appreciate it and I know they will, too.

    Best of luck and looking forward to seeing the shots from Iceland. :) 


  • David Mantripp

    Hi Jack,

    Everybody will have their own approach, but for me tethering in the field is not practical.  Often I am in locations where I need more limbs than I have anyway to manipulate camera and, sometimes, tripod, while maintaining personal physical integrity :-).   So I don't really have any practical way to keep an iPad to hand.  Not to mention often harsh weather. My use is therefore post-capture, but as soon post-capture as possible.  In that scenario C1 is very useful indeed.

    Just to be clear comment about Photos relates to Export, not Import.  Basically I was trying to select more or less SOOC images for what I would call "immediate casual sharing", to recipients on Apple Photos shared albums, and also on WhatsApp.  In those cases, I hit this limit of 4 images.  When backing up to SSD, I went via Files, and that worked fine.  I guess I could export JPGs to Files and then share via iOS to Photos or WhatsApp, or whatever, but since the feature is there in C1, and it is far more convenient, I'd rather use that.

    Btw, I note that my issue with the tether button was fixed in v1.4.1.  That was released while I was away, so I didn't update until I returned home.  And now we're at 1.5.

    I hope I'm not coming across as overly critical, I do enjoy using C1 for iPad, and I think you've built a very strong foundation, but deciding to charge €5 a month for it, while not necessarily unreasonable, does of course raise the bar in terms of customer expectations!  

  • Jack W

    David Mantripp That's fair enough. You can get tripod mounts for the iPad though, meaning your hands are freed up, but I get that it's a fairly big change to the usual workflow.

    And now we're at 1.6 :) we're releasing a lot of updates lately and feedback like yours is truly valuable.

    You don't need to worry about coming across as overly critical. It's your right to be that way, even if that was the case. 


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