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Written annotations

Not currently planned



  • Official comment
    Mathieu B
    Product Manager

    Hi everyone, 
    Thank you for the suggestion - this is not something we are currently working on.

    This does not mean this is a bad suggestion or that it will never be adressed, but in an effort of transparency we want you to know that we are not currently allocating resources to solving this issue.

    We will revisit the status of this thread if and when it changes.

  • Manuel Babolin

    This kind of tool would be absolutely useful for me as well. Currently many photographers we work with don't use Capture One's annotation tool simply because they don't have a graphics tablet and can't write annotations decently of course. Using a tool like this would make all annotations much neater and more readable.

  • Den Denyer

    Started writing my own code to "Draw" text from an XMP field into an annotation in C1 I was that desperate... Got to the point where I need to implement a LOGO font library to draw it out correctly, and it's good to go. At this rate I'll probably be finished before this gets implemented :)

  • Adamquadmon

    Den Denyer how are you coding this? Are you using the plugin SDK?  I checked it but doesn't look reliable. Do you have a public reporitory of your work?

  • Den Denyer

    Just hacking away in Python, to figure out how the bits fit together. No public repo as it's not worthwhile code currently. It just modifies XMP files, so no need for plugin SDKs, I just execute it on a folder full of images. 

    Still need to implement a LOGO style linewriter for writing out the text, but work demands my free time currently :(

  • Boris Tomsic

    Ideally a choice of at least a few fonts, sizes and colors would also be good, plus ability to reposition or drag it around, resize it and rotate it.
    Repostioning and resizing it would allow you to place it in the correct position without having to start anew if you don't get it quite right and same if you copy it to another image. Rotating it would allow you to more accurately place it so it correctly refers to a point in the image.
    I find this useful for marking points of interest in landscapes, for example, but have no doubt commercial photographers and their clients would also be able to utilize this in the same way in order to clarify their requirements.
    And also if possible (and not asking for too much?), being able to add a link to a Metadata field


    That would be nice for sure. For digital operator on the field for futur reference or when when send a file (.eip ) for retoucher or embedded in a calc in PSD format.

    As said, all of this is already possible with drawing, we just need text boxes.

  • Javier L. Navarrete

    I totally support your topic Thomas. In professional workflows regarding production studio shooting, remote head of postproduction and freelance retouchers, it's a pain in the a** not being able to write some basic text with Annotations Tool.

    And I feel disappointed it seems Capture One is not working in such an easy implementation. So what happens, for example in big Fashion Retail companies, ecommerce, etc ?


    They just screenshot the Capture One Viewer, with a random screenshot name on Mac OS, and then they open the screenshot JPG and use Apple Preview app to do what they can't do in Capture One. Has no sense at all from the point of view of a professional :)

  • Richard Cook

    I 100% agree Thomas. As a digital tech on set, I often get asked to make notes for the retoucher. At the moment I have to copy the image number and make a word doc that gets sent to the retoucher with the images. I don't even use the annotations as its to slow to have to write what you need on each image on my Wacom. 

    Having a text option would make annotations much more useful. 

    Capture one... please look into this. 

  • Frank Kinser

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE provide text as part of annotations.  I am to the point where I'm capturing the image in Snagit software and annotating it there.  It's that important to me as a landscape photographer because I tend to need to make copious notes about a photograph.


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