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Please integrate the four way white balance shift from Fuji cameras




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    Christian G
    Product Manager

    Hi Gordon, 

    Thank you for your request. 

    If understand your request correctly, what you asking for is a relative adjustment to white-balance. You can do this from the Color Balance tool in the Master tab. This is identical to a White balance adjustment. You can save this in a Style for easy re-application. 

  • Jack W

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    Thank you for your time and for directly contributing towards the development of Capture One. We greatly appreciate it.

  • Gordon

    Thank you for request.
    The problem is that the white balance shift from Fuji can't be transferred over within the raw file, only the white balance itself. And it's almost impossible to reproduce the same result with the color balance tool and it takes a lot of time, before I can start with the other adjustments.
    White balance shift is one of my favorite tools that Fuji has included on their cameras but I can't use it with capture one.

  • Gordon

    I wish I could show you what I mean. What I need in C1 is the meta data from the white balance shift like seen in the fuji raw software so that I see the photo like it saw it in camera.

  • Gordon

    I apologize! It seems I did something wrong because it's working now, WB shift can be imported!


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