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Please read and show creation date of Movie files to allow sorting/filtering

Not currently planned



  • Official comment
    Mathieu B
    Product Manager

    Hi everyone, 
    Thank you for the suggestion - this is not something we are currently working on.

    This does not mean this is a bad suggestion or that it will never be adressed, but in an effort of transparency we want you to know that we are not currently allocating resources to solving this issue.

    We will revisit the status of this thread if and when it changes.

  • Denis Huk

    Your post has been hidden for moderation. Please read the pinned post and use the template provided.

    You can edit your post by clicking the "gear" icon on your post and then selecting "edit".

    I understand that rules and guidelines are annoying, but it has to be this way in order to make the requests and feedback usable by our Product Management team, and to ensure that you get the response you deserve.

    Thank you for your time and for directly contributing towards the development of Capture One. We greatly appreciate it.

  • Andreas Pohl

    Hi Denis Huk,

    I updated my post as requested.

    Please proceed and update my request with a label. Thank you!

  • Denis Huk

    Hi Andreas, thanks for updating the post!

    Labels are set by our Product Management team, so it may take some time for them to get to your post as they are quite busy ;)


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